A Toast to Miel & Adam

A Toast to Miel & Adam

Miel and Adam had a beautiful wedding in our Aunt’s back yard, and there are many friends and family who we wish could have celebrated together. So, in case you missed out, I would love to share a virtual toast to Adam and Miel:

Congrats on your one year anniversary, and your commitment to live a non-Disney version of happily ever after. It feels impossible to share the depth of your love story, but I’ll try to do it justice.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be one of your Best Twins (how many weddings include two sets of blue-eyed brown-curly-haired twins?!). You compliment each other in all the ways that only twins can know. Seeing you two together, working as a rock star team, inspires me.

Having both been duped by love before, it shows the contrast to real love. You are both such open-hearted people and you both deserve all the love you now share. Remember this feeling forever, and nurture your flame as you help each other shine your brightest truest light.

Our families are so very blessed by all the twists of fate that brought you two together. And we can hardly wait to see your family grow and flourish.

Here’s the reading I did at the wedding ceremony, by Rob Brezsny, my favorite poetic astrologer:


Love thrives when neither partner takes things personally, so cultivate a devotion to forgiveness and divest yourself of the urge to blame.

Love is a game in which the rules keep changing, so be crafty and improvisational as you stay alert for each unexpected twist of fate.

Love enmeshes you in your partner’s unique set of karmic complications, so make sure you’ve very interested in his or her problems.

Love is a laboratory where you can uncover that you have previously been hidden, so be ravenously curious.

Love is never a perfect match of totally compatible saints, so don’t let sterile fantasies seduce you away from flawed but fecund realities.

Love is not a low-maintenance machine, so work hard on cultivating its unpredictable organic wonders.

Love is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of DreamWorks or Disney, so don’t let your romantic story be infected by the entertainment industry’s simplistic, sentimental myths about intimate relationships.

Miel and Adam, your bond gives me hope and inspiration. I can hardly wait to see how you’ll evolve together.

Peace & Love,


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