An Ode to Oprah

An Ode to Oprah

As we prepare to launch Yippie Chicks, I feel inspired to share an Ode to Oprah (not unlike my Ode to Hubby).

Oprah first came to the television screen of our country home when we were nine years old. We had just gotten a TV at the age of seven, so getting to watch TV was still a big deal for us. Our school got out at 3:50 and we could walk down the school lane and home just in time to tune in. To us, her show felt like a new little world to explore, a grown up one that was fascinating and exciting. We and she grew together, and her show took on spiritual dimensions and moved me to tears on many occasions. It was simply amazing to see and experience the world beyond our little Southern Oregon logging/hippie hometown. We’ve literally been in awe of Oprah’s realness for thirty years now.

A Global Beacon of Light and Hope

Then, as if catapulted onto a worldwide stage, Oprah became a global beacon of light and hope, of human endurance and openhearted living. It’s sometimes still hard to believe that she ever retired from her talk show, and I soak up as much of her magazine and random hits of inspiration as I can fit in. We’ve never watched OWN simply because it debuted when I was busy with babes (although I have thought of watching all the reruns once I’m old and sedentary). While we’ve obviously been busy living our own lives, haven’t entirely stalked her, but Oprah does feel like a famous friend that I just haven’t met.

She Inspired a Generation of us Yippie Chicks

I know that Oprah has inspired a generation of us Yippie Chicks, no matter how old we were when she first aired. I remember feeling her power and sensing her bravery and joy. She was tapping into the extraordinary medium of talking, and clearly expressing her deepest truths. Oprah was/is my earliest role model and inspiration, after our own mother.

So, I was astonished to discover that we have the same personality type. (Not surprisingly, Miel is also the same type. Read all about ENFJs if you want to understand us at a deep level. It’s astonishingly accurate). It’s a pretty powerful thought, and in the beginning it terrified me. The idea of being as famous as Oprah still makes me quiver, but I’m moving past my fear as we launch this Yippie Chicks adventure.

I Am Eager to See How I Will Transform…

Relistening to the Oprah Winfrey’s Top 10 Rules For Success is so powerful, especially when she describes her vivid memory of her grandmother teaching her to be a maid/slave. I am in such awe of how she’s transformed her life and the world, and I am eager to see how I will transform by expressing my “highest, truest self.” More than just talking, blogging and being, I want to create my purpose. I am so excited to share my vision, partner in my community, and plant seeds of peace everywhere I go.

Lastly, I want to thank Oprah for being a light in my life. I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace. I just finished another 21 Day Meditation Challenge, and once again it was indeed transformative. I wished that I had typed up notes from the very last meditation intro, but instead I’ll encourage everywhere to experience it for themselves. 🙂

Light & Love,

Darcy (and Miel)

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