August Moon Manifestations

August Moon Manifestations

We know this to be true. What you think about, you bring to life. What your heart speaks, you destiny follows.

We are both writing our August Moon Manifestation list, to be checked and reflected upon at the next new moon. The practice was inspired by Jasmin Boland’s Moonology site, which was shared by a fellow Sister.

Though we’ve never made a practice of setting our intentions with the moon’s cycle, it makes perfect and powerful sense. We were both instantly inspired to both dream bigger and hone in on what really matters to us at this particular moment in time.


  1. Live life to the fullest on our Yippie Chicks California Road Trip. Tap into my divine energy. Manifest amazing experiences. Learn from everyone, especially myself. Connect with fellow BlogHers. Define/share/celebrate our unique message. Develop strategies to start earning a living from our blogs. Get inspired to blog or vlog every day. Be unabashed in telling my/our unique story.
  2. Work on my/our monthly/annual calendar. Create a schedule that inspires me and shares the dreams I want to manifest.
  3. Map out my West Coast Cronin Clan Oregon Road Trip. Vlog and blog about our adventures.
  4. Celebrate Teagan’s birthday and reflect on my mamahood journey.
  5. Reflect about my/our first year in Astoria. Connect with the progressive community and start to find/gather fellow Yippie Chicks.
  6. Savor the waning summer sun, look for the moon each night and gaze at the stars.
  7. Treat myself like the Queen I am here to be. Give everyone I meet my presence and kindness. Visualize and embody peace. Pray for world peace and healing. Be the change.


  1. Develop business plan for yurt development in Cottage Grove (consult with city about Greenway Review, get yurt, plan for platform and flooring, envision final look and feel of yurts).
  2. Enjoy a successful and promising Stove Summit, where participants feel inspired and ready to start a revolution together. A fun camping experience and good people working to do good in the world. Demonstrate InStove at the InDidjInUs Festival at Prindel Creek (Wally would be proud) and the OCF Teddy Bear Picnic.
  3. Design and plan for work on PDX tiny house, for work in Sept/Oct (budget, design, and implement outdoor shower, composting toilet, living wall, bike hooks, reclaimed accent walk, lighting, drywall, figure out insulated doors).
  4. Start earning money on Yippie Chicks, Sustainable Family FinancesVicarious Nomad, and
  5. Create site maps for new sites, including RotaryTwins, YippieYurts, YippieMap, YippieCaravan, & YippieShop
  6. Develop a budget for the next year and set savings and earnings goals with Adam.
  7. Enjoy time camping and summertime in Oregon.

What intentions are you setting for the month of August? 

Do you have a moon manifestation practice?

Peace & Love,

Darcy + Miel

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