Awake My Soul – Reflections on Life & Love

Awake My Soul – Reflections on Life & Love

My New Year’s Day 2017 has been a fabulous one. I have been the epitome of productive. It’s 1:46, on the morning after, but I can’t seem to say goodbye to it. I find myself inspired by “Awake My Soul” by Mumford & Sons. I can’t help but wrap up my day with some final muses before a quick session of Kundalini yoga and then crawling in to bed to cuddle to sleep with my Happy.


Awake My Soul

For me there is nothing like a new year to focus on what is important in life. It is a time to both reflect and project. To take stock in the truths that resonate deeply in my soul. To kick myself in the butt and dream of what may come. It reminds me to live every day like it was the beginning and the end. That is all it really ever is, we just get too hung up with life to realize it.

In these bodies we will live. In these bodies will die.

Sadly I also find myself reflecting my dad’s poor health. The tears come with ease. I’m reminded of all the reasons to take care of this one body that I am blessed with. When it comes down to it we simply have our souls and our bodies. Take care of the one you have. You and others will thank you for it. You are worth it. Wherever you are now, you begin again today.

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Love is simply all we have to give. Whatever we give, it is with love. When you feel that you can’t give anything else, give love. I’ve been reminded of this with the holidays, as I took two weeks to spend with my parents. It’s been nearly twenty years since I’ve spent that much time with my folks. It took my dad’s health to allow me to give myself permission to take time for my family. As if I needed a reason to be there for them. I was reminded again and again that time and love is more important than any other investment out there. Despite my galavanting ways, I’m eternally grateful to be back in Oregon and prioritize what is important to me.

My weakness I feel that I must finally show.

I’ve been a blogger for more than a decade, but it still takes courage to show my weaknesses. To let the words flow as the tears fall. To hope that those who judge will extend some kindness. I also want to challenge myself this year to stretch myself in my authenticity in sharing who I really I am what I believe it. To write even when it is hardest, perhaps even more so.

Lend me your eyes and I’ll change what you see.

Following my passion has never been something that I’ve had a hard time doing. I’ve traveled the world as a do-gooder, built my real estate and blogging empires, but wrapping my head around how they all tie together can be a challenge. In the end it seems what ties my various passions together is my deep desire to share with others. I hope that through my writing either I or you will grow from it. We will find our common humanity together.

Awaken your soul,


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