Ben Harper

I am gratefully headed to Oregon today for several weeks off.  This evening my twin sister and I have the pleasure of going to a Ben Harper concert at the fabulous Edgefield, a McMeinnemins location just outside of Portland that hosts an excellent summer concert series.

Ben has inspired me to write several posts, including With My Own Two Hands, which reflects on my ability to multiple my influence by leading a large team on international development programs in Africa.

Another post was written, Amen, Omen, was written about my discovering my first spot of melanoma skin cancer.   Since that time I’ve dealt with 8 surgeries over the last 13 months and am scarred up like a bad ass.

Going back further, I wrote another post on Freestyle dancing with my dear friend in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Truly an inspiration in so many places around the world.

Diamonds on the Inside is my absolute favorite Ben Harper video. It was filmed in Australia, near to where I saw Ben perform in 1998 at the Byron Bay East Coast Blues Fest and also has an incredibly spiritual stay with Aborigines in a fabulous little town called Nimbin. My sister shared the video with me in 2003 and I watched it whenever I needed a smile.

Ben Harper – Diamonds On The Inside by BenHarper-Official



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