Bishops Revamp

Change is often good in life. Good as it may be on some levels, we are also prone to routine and holding on to what no longer serves us.

This was the case for my beloved Adam. While on the one side I am certainly attracted to him for his alternative ways and his long curls and braids have been fun, I have also felt that he would benefit from cutting ties from some of the attached baggage that came along with his long locks.

I say that in the past tense, since he is currently getting his hair hacked off.

We picked Bishops as the debut spot to do the job. We could have gone to Broadway Barbers, where I got my last haircut and Darcy has gotten her whole family’s haircut over the years, but I felt that the hipster vibe of Bishops would help mark this momentous event. Adam balked at the price, but that didn’t surprise me.

We chose our neighborhood Mississippi location for a rainy Thirsday afternoon cut. The advantages of being your own bosses.

It will take some getting used to, but I think it is a fun new phase of our lives.


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