Confessions of a Lapsed Workout Junkie

Confessions of a Lapsed Workout Junkie

I am currently a lapsed workout junkie. Some people really hate working out, but I happen to love it. I love the sweat, the feeling of my muscles burning the next day (if I’ve done it right), I love everything about working out!

But, I also haven’t worked out in nearly two years (or so it feels). Sure, I’ve made it to a handful of hot yoga classes. I manage to go on a run a few times a month (if I’m lucky). But nothing happens with any consistency.

Rewind to three years ago. I had just finished my first half marathon and was pregnant with my son Clark. Not only did I  keep up pace with the Georgetown swim team and finish my first race pregnant with an 8 min mile 5k, I went on to run a 5k at over eight months pregnant and was popping up into head stands a week before I gave birth at home. I was the essence of a yogini mama.

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9 weeks pregnant – holding weight lost with WeightWatchers


Fast forward to my current life and I can’t seem to manage to get in a workout.

I guess I can consider myself lucky that after two years with minimal workouts, my body has held together pretty well. My arms still look like I lift, but not like they deserve to.

While I might still be at my goal weight, I need and want to make sure that I continue to stay active. Yet, I still feel challenged with fitting in working out into my life.

I can’t blame it all on having a child and being remarried. But, I can say that both of those fabulous factors in my life contribute to me not working out five or six days a week.

I consider the challenges of how and where to fit in workouts.

I consider mornings, as I used to work out from 6:30-7:30 every morning of the week. Then I think of morning sex or Clark waking up early, either of which is a likely disruption to that timeframe.

I considered afternoons, when our nanny leaves. But then I realize after a few afternoons at the playground doesn’t really have me breaking a sweat and my fit bit tells me that I’ve barely done the minimum with that.

I’ve considered evenings. But I know that by the time Clark is asleep, the likelihood of consistently wanting to work out at night is low for me.

So when does that leave me to work out? Therein lies the problem.

My latest theory is that adding in exercise to our family time between 6-8 seems like potentially the most likely time to manage to fit in working out and enjoy it with my boys.

I’ll keep you posted on how it works out with a shift to working out with my family.



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