Could You Be Loved?

Could You Be Loved?

I am awe, struck listening to the lyrics and watching Bob Marley perform Could you be Loved? His profound lyrics and humble vibe strike me on this new moon, and I feel energetically inspired to take my life to a whole new level. I want to dedicate myself to community service/eco-toursim/playing hostess/political activism/storytelling/speaking tours/blogging/online classes/interviews with our biggest sheros/spiritual inquiry/creative expression/mama bliss. All of which shape what Darcy’s Utopia will evolve and grow to become.

It’s an extreme underestimation to say that I’m feeling inspired by the divine source of God tonight. I feel both at serene peace and acceptance as I blissfully churn out creative idea after creative idea, seven “Darcy Lists” at the moments.

I attended my first class session today for Clatsop Community College’s Small Business Management Program and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience. The instructor, Walt, created a very safe environment for us to share about our businesses. As the class is naturally confidential, I won’t divulge any specifics stories from the class, but I would like to reflect on my personal learning experience, which was actually pretty remarkable. The group of business owners was very diverse, and yet somehow unified in our collective strengths (or at least that was my experience/observation).

I am so extraordinarily grateful to have a team of coaches and cheerleaders. I am so completely ready to put my story and life in the spotlight, while creating the safest possible bubble around myself (to get around my deep-seeded fear of rejection that I’ve been working actively for over fifteen years to overcome). I am ready to partner and share and create a community around my entrepreneurial endeavors, rather than isolate myself and try to do it all on my own.

Believe it or not, but I have way more to reflect upon following my first-ever business class. 😉 I’m looking forward to sharing my creative process and reflections as I work to shape Darcy’s Utopia. Together, we will transform the world’s fate by embracing our humanity and divinity, rather than our differences, learning to live in peace and love.

OK. So, I’m done just waxing poetic, I need to stop playing small and shrinking to the expectations that I’ve set for myself. In my soul I know that I am meant to become a global political activist and one of many leaders who will work to infuse this world with hope and inspiration and joy. I am finally ready to put on my crown, benevolently reign from my utopic perch above Astoria.

This isn’t just more past midnight woo-woo divinations either.






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