Creating Yippie Chicks Revolution

Creating Yippie Chicks Revolution

Our mission is to inspire a feminist revolution based on the notion that living our bliss and bravely sharing our truths is our highest calling. We, Yippie Chicks, are all unique, and our love for life lights up the world.

We are Yippie Chicks, a new brand of women who live with mindful authenticity to manifest our destinies. We are community leaders, modern entrepreneurs, and simply sisters. We intentionally design our lives to be filled with what matters most, not sacrificing our spirits to conform to the mainstream. We believe that our lives are bigger than the cubes we’ve been told to fit in. We want to take the lid off our creativity, and break down the walls we’ve built to protect ourselves. We challenge each other to embrace our vulnerability and own our awesomeness. We are ready to speak our truths and creatively express our unique selves.


We’re redefining abundance and wealth to include the full spectrum a lifestyle qualities that can’t be quantified simply by our net worth. Yet, we believe that by being transparent about our family finances and sharing our money confessions, that it will help us work through our own limiting beliefs and scarcity blocks, and ultimately empower ourselves. The clincher is that we get paid to be our unique selves, and we are in awe of the lives that we are creating. Living our bliss is our path toward higher consciousness.


The world will still want to label us, and not everyone will understand us. We’ll be criticized, and maybe even burned at the stake, but we are still called to speak our truths and share our wisdom with the world. We will kindredly bond together with fellow Yippie Chicks, who will ultimately succeed at solving the climate crisis. As we each build our metaphoric lifeboats, we will work diligently to bring presence and courageous action.

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