Dear Beloved Reader,

We cannot be responsible solely for the joy, smiles, and balance that ensues amongst fellow Yippie Chicks and readers. We are not licensed professionals of any sort, other than the university of life. We will share about money and other sensitive subjects. You are ultimately responsible for your well-being and what you take away from life. If anything is true, it is probably that.

We will share from our hearts authentically about our unique perspectives. You will see that while we look alike on many levels, we also diverge in our paths taken and what makes us each tick underneath.

We may (read:will) challenge the norms. We may offend you. We will try not to. We will share what we believe the world needs more of and hope to find others who want to share the journey and inspire each other.

Thank you for your patience in our humanity. We may be super twins and moms, as well as cereal entrepreneurs, so please be patience with our foibles. We try to do our best, even if that often isn’t perfect. We hope that you will also show that same love to yourself.


Darcy + Miel

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