Happy Birthday Wally!

Wally Jones Party

Happy Birthday Wally!

I can feel the buzz about anticipating your birthday celebration. You always threw the best parties. There was something so excellent about the way we were able to enjoy life together. We had something unique. We were originally the hippie twins. The yippie twins would evolve over time. Don’t worry, Wally, we are more hippie than yuppie.

Loosing you was rough, but it also brought us together.

We’ve all been considering, each individually and collectively: what would Wally want/say?

You would be psyched to see where we are at now. We know you would have told everyone about half of our adventures by now. Miel, a.k.a. Alanna Miel (I thought you’d like that feminist touch) is now living in Portland, married to Adam a.k.a. “Happy“, and the entertainer of the house these days is Clark. He is two and a half today. I love that he shares his half birthday with you. It feels suiting, with your middle name Pierce and all. James is living over in SE off Burnside (Clark’s favorite bridge). You were a huge inspiration behind my decision to relocation to the best coast. I knew when you died that it was a matter of time. I was happy doing good out in the world, but I’m glad to be back in Oregon and continuing to give back with my life.

Darcy Rose is out in Astoria these days and enjoying the small town coastal environs (you would love her beautiful craftsman home). She’s managing three in the Cronin Clan (thanks to your inspiration) beautiful children and working through things with her hubbie. She’s discovering her passion and career path in tandem. You’d get her better than anyone but me.

You’d love to see your twins working together.

You inspired us to build the adorable Olivia Beach Camp Cabins and now the Yippie Chicks to share our stories (as you would have read diligently).

My favorite Wally birthday party happened when I was perhaps 21 and it was a gender bender theme. You wore one of Grandma Barbara’s mumus. We had friends from Denmark and Mexico with us and it was a grand old time. Here’s a photo for some good memories (note Steen looking on from the side!). Though now that I think of it, it might have been a summer party, but we’ll take it just the same (that is how memories go).

I love you and miss you so much. I like to think that you bring out the best in me. Inspire me to be me. Remind me to always get the drink, you won’t regret it (at least at the OCF). I hope you know how loved you are. Your not being here with us doesn’t change that.

Happy Birthday!


Wally Jones


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