I’ll work with her – On our most pivotal election in my history

I’ll work with her – On our most pivotal election in my history

On perhaps our most pivotal election in my history, I can’t help but reflect.

This election has been a ride. The kind you want to get off of, but you hope will not leave you spinning in the wrong direction.

I am deeply manifesting our first female president, but I did not actually vote for Hillary Clinton. I voted for Jill Stein.

And though I did not vote for her, I feel that I could easily work with Future President Hillary. She is someone who I feel I have not yet met, but I’ve had close connections on a number of occasions. I’ve had close encounters several times with my work related to gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I may not agree with everything in Hillary’s past, but I believe in her capability to do the right thing and lead us into the next phase as a country. The alternative is intolerable and intolerant.

I did not vote for Hillary because I don’t believe in our current state of democracy. The election process is broken. Our current two-party system doesn’t give us what we want and need and deserve. It is also pitted against the types of candidates that we should be seeing. In addition to our presidential election, our congressional election process needs to be changed to bring fresh perspectives into our government and to change politics as usual.

Below is an excellent video from the presidential candidate of Iceland, Halla Tómasdóttir, who can teach us about how to create a better playing ground.

We need more women in political elections. I could work with any of these three women, and more.

If you need some good political reading today, check out Jill Stein’s Our Power to the People Plan. It is an incredible breath of fresh air at the possibility of hope. The platform quite literally outlines solutions to virtually every issue facing our society. It reminds me that solutions do already exist, and there is a better way.

There is no other way.

For some election relief, check out Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals – Shine Video. One of our favs.

Peace and Love,


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