Imagine It: A public invitation to Hillary and Paul

Imagine It: A public invitation to Hillary and Paul

After reading an online article about Paul McCartney’s recent comments regarding Hillary Clinton’s exorbitant “benefit” event (ticket prices were $25k and up) in the name of raising more democratic dollars. Paul’s* remarks made me think about how money is being raised that will never do the community of the Hamptons any tangible good, just to buy a bunch of television ads in states that were arbitrarily determined important by our forefathers.

This moment reminds me of how I felt when I first learned about the injustice of the electoral college system and how it was rigged so that candidates would never have a reason to spend any significant time here in Oregon (or other states that “don’t count” politically). Then, I was further disheartened to understand how challenging it would be to influence the existing cultural/political structure. Without the opportunity to look people in the eye and shake their hands, it would be impossible for them to ever develop all-important relationships that could lead to government dollars being spent on funding community driven need-based projects.

Our forefathers and mothers never imagined the ease that we can travel, and how instantly we can share information. The antiquated system was founded since before the pony express was the quickest way to communicate. Voters didn’t critique the candidates appearances, their life experience, values and commitment to service where all that really mattered.

Now, sadly, I can see why/how there are disenfranchised Americans who are so frustrated with the current system.

My experience of the current election has been a bizarre mix of inspired pride at the reality of a woman finally becoming elected President, dashed hopes for Bernie’s brand of next-gen socialism, and incredulous disbelief about how f’ed up the whole political system really is and how deeply the system desperately needs an overhaul, if a person like Trump could be even this close to being elected.

There’s also been a fair amount of entertainment value that I’ve gotten out of witnessing the whole shakedown. It’s unbelievable that things could get to this point. It’s kind of like watching a train wreck, where you can’t do anything to stop it. Whew.

On a lighter note…I’ll recruit Miel to share a piece of her mind, and you won’t believe the feminist powerhouse that just hit you.

In the mean time, I can’t help but dare myself to respond with a public invitation to both Hillary and Paul to come out to Oregon for a benefit at my own home in Astoria.

The only hitch is that the money will stay entirely in Oregon to fund all of my favorite charity/community causes. Miel will guilt trip the Clinton Foundation into finally starting to finance truly sustainable community development initiatives, and we’ll both sell them on the wonder of InStove.

I’ll address Astoria’s media for the first time, and introduce my vision for Astoria and how I would like to create a community that would become a leader the world in climate adaption and creative community responsiveness.

We’ll tag team to host the most high profile party that Astoria, Oregon has ever seen, while building a community foundation for our political platform. Plus, we’ll sway the most pivotal election in our country’s short history, and plant the seeds for our eventual elections.

So, as you can see, my new moon is just a little full.

In the next month, I’ll re-envision my business vision and creatively prepare to host my biggest party to date (while staying humble and trying to pretend that I’m just having my neighbors over…I’ll invite them too ;-). I’ll put the finishing touches on my speech to declare my/our political aspirations. I’ll “blog my heart out” and challenge myself to myself on video every day, whether I publish it now or not…some memoirs may need to be saved until the right moment to share.

I’m feeling both completely giddy and completely at ease as I set these brave intentions. It’s part of Gemini duality and love of adventure. I feel as though I’m living a life of significance and grace, and I thank you for opening your heart enough to read my story and share your own reflections/inspirations.

Just start to imagine…



PS Vandaveer, you’re invited to my fundraiser too. The lyrics of your song, Concerning Past and Future Conquests make me want to steadily push past my fears to cross the line. One that I’ve considered on several occasions, but haven’t been able to get past my own insecurities.

PPS Mark Rufalo, you’re invited to my party (even without full frontal nudity), along with Bernie Sanders.


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