InStove PDX

InStove PDX
InStove backyard
InStove: cooking, tiny-house/ADU heating, hot water shower, sauna heater…and awesome renewable energy, saves-the-planet, conversation piece.


We have a vision. It is going to be pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself.

We are creating an “InStove PDX” space at our place in NE Portland. This will be a demonstration model of how to integrate InStove into a tiny house/ADU. Also, it will include heating and hot water systems to create an integrated, off-grid energy model.

We are moving forward with a wonderful design and landscaping firm, Paradise Restored. Their graphics for our vision adorn this page. I also think we’ve found the right contractor, Peter Davidson. He specializes in ADUs and tiny homes, and his company has a perfect name: Delightful Living Project.

We will Complete InStove PDX by converting our garage into a tiny house–an approved ADU–so we can that we can live in it part time, or rent it out for AirBNB. Thus, we’ll be able to rent out our house year-round while still being within Portland’s code governing short-term rentals.

To realize this project we have a few next steps.

  1. Finish existing garage into an ADU with a back sleeping area with upper built in bunk. We’ll be moving an existing, beautiful, sliding barn door into a partition between bedroom space and living-area/kitchen/dining space. First, the existing garage door will become a wall, and the garage door will be moved outdoors to create a weather and visibility barrier. Then, the doorway to the spa area will be converted to include as much glass as possible to integrate the tiny house visually with an outdoor, green living room.
    InStove Tiny House heating
    The InStoves (20L and 60L) are at the center of a backyard that is part spa, part sustainability model.
  2. Design an InFloor heating system for the ADU. This will have water heated in an InStove and piped under tiles for in-floor heating.
  3. Plan out an approximately 11-foot indoor/outdoor InStove kitchen. This will take some unique planning and design skills, as the space needs to be an island of sorts, with sink, accessible from both sides of the space. Ideally the kitchen design blends beautifully with the front of the ADU and makes it all come together.
  4. Work with landscape designer and contractor to integrate water with InStove to create outdoor InShower–perfect for rinsing off after using InSauna or Softtub. A small bathroom within the tiny home will integrate hand-washing sink with a grey-water toilet tank. The whole 3′ X 6′  bathroom will be a stall-less shower with in-floor drain.
  5. Other landscaping elements include: Improve the softscaping for improved drainage along the SW side of the house and design place for outdoor bike storage. Improve the drainage on the West side of the tiny house. Replace lawn with walking pavers. Add fire pit and sitting bench.
  6. Work to get Backyard habitat certification to improve the yard’s ability to support native plant, bird, and insect species.

Stay tuned to see how this marriage of Tiny Home ADU and InStove comes together into a cool, aspirational, model backyard for energy and environmental sustainability!

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