Ready or Not: Living Wholeheartedly

Ready or Not: Living Wholeheartedly

I’m not sure why Miel and I ever chose to launch Yippie Chicks on the anniversary of father’s death, five years ago. I know it’s because he inspires us to live life to the fullest and share our authentic and unique stories, but I didn’t consider how I would feel emotionally. Serendipitously, a close family friend, who was like a father growing up, also just passed away. It’s made for an emotional roller coaster.

It feels like the Universe is giving me signs from all over the place.

Signs that I need to clean my home and simplify. I’m home now with Teagan, dealing with head lice and laundry (for three weeks now!) It’s as though the Universe is telling me that I’m not ready. And I start to listen to my fears and doubts. But in fact, I must be ready. I must be ready to share my brilliant and unique light in the world.

Simply by being me, pushing past the fears and doubts to the place where I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I know that life is systemic, and that the seeds I plant today will become my future, but I know that today I’m dealing with what I unconsciously planted into my life in the past, and I simply need to learn from it. I get so caught up in the limitations that I set for myself.

Deep down, I most want to feel like a free spirit, like I’m creating peace and joy for myself and everyone around me. But, in today’s reality, I’m stuck dealing with bills and insurance, nits and combing, dust and clutter.

I’ve been on my path of Simplicity Parenting for almost five years now, and living my Mama Bliss for over two and a half years. But on day like this I feel like I’m a failure, but then I remind myself of how much I actually have progressed and grown with my family. It’s actually quite incredible the life that I’ve created for my family. And at the same time, it feels like there’s always a need for greater and greater simplicity and growth.

Despite not feeling emotionally ready, and needing to push past my fears and doubts, I still feel that I’m wholeheartedly meant to share my path of Simplicity Parenting and living my Mama Bliss. I know that by honestly reflecting on my challenges, as well as my personal wins, that I will inspire others to live their values.

Ready or not, I’m inspired by Brene Brown to live wholeheartedly and share my journey here on Yippie Chicks, both the highs and the lows.





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