Miel diving in Coron, Philippines in March 2015
Miel diving in Coron, Philippines in March 2015



Spell Syllables

Pronunciation: Varies by origin of speaker. Mispronounced often.

English translation: Honey in Spanish/French. Miel, como Miel de abeja. Miele in Italian. Mel in Portuguese. Meet Mel and Miel. 🙂

FAQ:  “Are you French?” “Are you of Spanish origins?” “Where did you get your name?!” “Your parents must have been hippies.” “You must be as sweet as your name.” “You have a rockstar name.”

noun.  no plural exists.


  1. honey. a sweet, gooey, sticky and yummy natural sugar. You know it is honey, ‘cause sugar don’t shake like that.
  2. nomad. a professional traveler. 60 countries and counting. antarctica or bust. gets paid to travel to amazing places.
  3. super mom. mom of Ambassador Clark, who has traveled more by age two than most adults (five countries on four continents, and eight states). peaceful water home birth. Auntie extraordinaire. 
  4. accidental entrepreneur. business creator. real estate tycoon. equitable landlord. work-o-holic. professional do-gooder. balance seeker. app lover. butt kicker. money maker.  
  5. fitness junkie. runner. yogini. e-biker. hiker. acro-yogist. headstander. fit-bit user. dancer. lover. volley/basket/soft ball player. sailor. speed walker. surfer.   
  6. manifestor. world traveler. executive do-gooder. perfectly suited mate and partner. adventurer. 

Origin: after hippie parents (1977), peaceful revolution of the 20th century

Meaning: unique world leader who created a revolution through sharing herself and making the world a better place

Gender: Girl | Female

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