Miel’s Map of the World

Miel’s Map of the World

I feel like I’ve spent the last day falling into the rabbit hole of maps, though I created the one above a few months back (not my first time down the rabbit hole). I have been trying to work out how to integrate my google reviews and maps that I’ve already developed within google to create easy maps for our viewers to get recommendations on places that we like. I still don’t have this down to a science yet, but I hope to share this soon with you.

Many of Miel’s adventures can be found at Vicarious Nomad. You can check out our new youtube playlist as well. Play the video below and you’ll be sent to a playlist just for yippie chicks (and dudes too, we suppose).

Find all of the places I have recently reviewed in the map below. Or better yet, curtesy of Google, they conveniently share my map with reviews by providing an empty map for you. Here is a peak at why my reviews look like, I just have to rebuild the entire map because google can’t integrate within itself. Oh joy! I’ve been trying to sort it our by using Map Builder Pro. I’m looking forward to sharing all of my reviews with you!


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