Ms. Alanna Miel

Who am I In a nutshell?

That is a complex question. I play many roles and have numerous elevator pitches, depending on what I’m representing at the moment. I am an international globetrotter who has learned to cameleon herself into countless cultures. I’m also a modern feminist who has created my life one step at a time.

I grew up as a child on a hippie commune until the age of five, and then in rural Southern Oregon. I took my first plane ride as I left the country at age 16 as a Rotary Exchange Student to Finland. I was hooked on travel and have travelled extensively ever sense. I went to Lewis & Clark College when I learned that you could study International Affairs and study abroad twice; I went to Australia and Ecuador. I joined the Peace Corps after a summer of travel. I found myself in Ghana, West Africa and have taken my lessons from Peace Corps around the world in my work that has followed. I’ve since traveled to 60 countries and worked in some of the roughest places on earth, including Afghanistan, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I’m the mother of a super-boy (with hints of baby). Clark is an adorable cherub of a toddler who has travelled the world already. He traveled to Kenya at 5 months, the Philippines at 8 months, and Ghana at 18 months. Along with Washington, DC, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle, and his favorite Astoria to visit his cousin Teagan, or as he calls her, “Titi”.

I feel fortunate to have found the perfect mate for my life. Adam and I share an incredible amount in common and complement each other’s strengths well. Most of all, we enjoy each other’s company and spending time together. As he says, “She has a good sense of Catan.” We will be getting married this summer, on our one year anniversary.

We fell in love over clean cookstoves. InStoves, specifically. Well, that and some Fair Magic, at the Oregon Country Fair. To be specific, I manifested him. I wrote a 26 point list of who I wanted in a mate, a did daily hypnosis for the week prior to falling for each other. Adam was such a sweetheart that it took him a little while to take notice that a cougar like myself would be interested in him. We were instantly and pathetically smitten with one and another. What can we say, we are both twins to top it off.

After traveling the world, I find myself back in Oregon, just as I had always desired. We enjoy a cozy pocket of inner NE Portland that we call home. We live in a thriving community that is developing before our very eyes. Portland has changed a lot in the 21 years since I first lived here. I love that our guests rave about our quirky second hand neighborhood shop down the block, and how ‘Portlandia’ it is. We enjoy running the beautiful city that is Portland.

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