My Chicks: Becoming a Chick Mama

My Chicks: Becoming a Chick Mama

My chicks are just five weeks old, having come home on April 1st. I feel like I’ve grown with them.

I’ve literally felt like a new Mama.

That first night I got up three times in the middle of the night to check on them and make sure the temp was right (I wasn’t sure if the incandescent bulb would give off enough heat, which worked just fine. I had a heating pad under them that would turn off after a time. As much effort as it’s been, we’ve bonded.

The kids bonded too, naming them Fluffy, Chicka, Sarah, Brownie, Alex Morgan, Peaches and Wild Style.

We adopted five of our chicks from Makenna’s first grade class at Astor School, and picked up another two from Brim’s.

Losing A Couple

Sadly, we lost two of them at just three weeks old, Brownie and Wild Style. They were starting to outgrow their box and the weather was beautiful, so we set up a temporary outdoor pen where they could be while I was gardening or watching them from my desk. The set up worked fine for the first few days, but then they started to be able to fly out. I was volunteering with rotary, and got the dreaded text that they were missing. We called and called for them. We went out with flashlights. My Mom spotted Wild Style, then a raccoon…

They now love being outside during the day (and are safe as long as you secure the tarp over the roof).

Like Preteens Now

My five remaining chicks are like preteens now, and quickly making a mess of our pantry. Kevin is fed up with the dust and odor that floats into the kitchen if the door is left open. I don’t blame him. I left Kevin to babysit them last weekend, and he threw a fit this morning, since I’m planning to “abandon” them and head to the Wallowas with Miel to spread my grandfather and father’s ashes. I get that the timing sucks, and I wish that I could have gotten the coop ready by now.

Yes, I did get the chicks before setting up their coop. I hope you don’t think I’m irresponsible.

My neighbor, Gail, had chickens when we first moved. Teagan fell in love with them and would eagerly collect kitchen scraps to feed them. There isn’t anything much cuter than Teagan doting on chicks; she’s a girl who truly cares for animals. The truth is that I decided to raise chickens more for my kids and valuable life lessons that chickens would teach us, than for the extra huevos rancheros.

They are teaching me too. I’m happy to be home raising my chicks.

Ready or not – I’m going to live my life to the fullest.

I’m no longer going to pretend to be perfect or that I have it all figured it out. I do my best and have the most fun when I’m learning, and that means putting my dreams into action before I even have the resources to accomplish them, yet.

We finally just got it moved yesterday, thanks to three burly friends. We moved the coop from Gail’s place. It was almost beyond our capacity, but we accomplished the task with relative grace. Now I still have lots of work left to fix a panel and secure the whole coop, but I have faith that it will be a beautiful home.





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