Our California Coast Road Trip to BlogHer L.A.

Our California Coast Road Trip to BlogHer L.A.

Our four day road trip down the California Coast has been an epic one.We road tripped to California nearly every year as kids, and we very much love the adventure of a good long road trip, and the sense of freedom not having a family in tow is amazing. It’s such an gorgeous part of this world, and absolutely worth the whole drive. We spent the drive experiencing the natural wonder and pondering our lives, reminiscing about our childhood road trips and dreaming of future family vacations. Mostly it was wonderful just being together, especially since we haven’t traveled for this long together since before marriage and kids…can you believe we let 15 years go by without a sister road trip?!

Along the way we didn’t know where we would be staying. We’ve embraced the “glamping lifestyle,” enjoying luxuries as much as the outdoors. We glamped in Miel’s new Yippie Caravan, decked out in flower and leaf string lights and glow in the dark stars, and a comfy new futon. Our first night we found a campsite in the dark, just after the Redwood Highway’s Avenue of the Giants.

We got up early to head south to San Fransisco, wanting more time to visit with dear family/friends. We had a delightful coffee visit with Miel’s ex-laws, who we agree are definitely people we want to stay friends with and we hope will move north soon. We met Darcy’s close friend Dawn, who is like a Sister. We savored a wonderful lunch in the heart of the city together at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe. We couldn’t help but veer down Haight Street on our way to Golden Gate Park, where we felt drawn to visit. It wasn’t nearly enough time, but we were happy to take a brief stroll near the botanical gardens where Miel visited last May. We jump on Highway 1, and only stopped in the burbs to pick up an old school discman (since we had been without music for much of the trip. It was funny to find just a single CD player next to a huge selection of drones. Boy has technology changed!).

After driving until close to sunset, without any luck of snagging a camp site, and not wanting park/camp overnight in such an urban area, we decided to search on Airbnb. We found a last minute Airbnb lodging, staying in a rustic yurt at an intentional community in the hills of the Santa Cruz mountains. The next morning as we debated how far we want to drive toward L.A., we searched for more yurts on the way, and found Treebones Resort. It’s actually a place we had both seen before in Sunset magazine and lusted after. We couldn’t believe our luck when they had one campsite open for the night, which is usually booked months in advance.

Treebones was well worth the $95 for the campsite. It was certainly a glamping experience. We slept under the stars with our futon and double camp chair, and ate a lovely dinner at their circle lodge restaurant, Wild Coast. Taking an evening soak under the stars in the spa certainly felt like a luxury, not like any camping we’ve ever done before!

We spent our last day down the enjoying a break in Murray Bay, where we once again found a wonderful little natural foods store, Shine Cafe & Natural Foods. Their tempeh salad rolls were amazing, and we had some serendipitous conversations with people we met waiting for our order. We also stopped at a few decor/antique shops, and found two beautiful pieces of art, a canvas and a sculpture, for her new yurt. It was hard to leave this cute little town, as we could have easily enjoyed spending a weekend together.

Yet, after four days of traveling down the gorgeous California Coast, it was time was us to make the final trek to L.A. We’ll be posting our full travel map, and have a full eighteen hour drive back home to Oregon, so this won’t be the last of our California adventures.

Peace & Love,

Darcy + Miel

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