Reflective Practice

I often get the feeling that I am moving so fast that I can’t keep up with my own life. Don’t get me wrong, this most often feels like a good thing. I find that the next adventure is happening before I can capture the last. I then get hung up with trying to catch up, and then miss the next thing that is already happening.

It is true, I have had countless adventures this year alone that have gone by un-noted. To make matters worse, in trying to improve my site’s format I am even more frustrated by the technical quirks that it has prevented me from focusing on the more important feature of story telling.

So my goal now is to move towards a simple daily practice model, sharing bits and pieces of the adventure without letting the pursuit of perfect interfere with the value of simply making it happen. I’ll work on getting help to focus on getting the site to be what I want it to be.

I actually have the experience of journaling nightly for over a decade of my life. While it is different in being a public forum rather than for personal consumption alone, it still comes back to the art of reflective practice.

I’ve recently completed a 21 day meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra and gained quite a bit from the process. If I can wake up at 5:45 to meditate daily, I can certain challenge myself to blog daily.

Wish me luck!


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