Thank you, Universe

Thank you, Universe

Notes from The Universe have been a constant part of my life, for more years than I can recall. Darcy turned me on to them, and it’s almost always the first email I read of the day. I’ve been inspired and awed by the serendipity of many, many messages. Like reading tarot cards, or other forms of guidance, they most often come just when you need them most.

Thank you for making me Miel.

I know that we all take our own forms, with billions of lives out there, manifesting an infinity of unique beings. As I like to say, it takes all types. We are all part of this web of life. What we do makes a difference. My writing sends ripples into the world. My desires become reality; my fears as well. What I think about, I bring about. It really is that simple. Just continue to break it down for yourself each day. Take a moment to breath and reflect. To be thankful for all that you are and all that you have in your life.

I’m Excited…

I’m excited tonight for a fun night on the town with friends coming in from Washington, DC. It will be a great weekend to share this magnificent city with great friends, as well as explore it myself. I’m looking forward to it greatly. Off to get dressed!




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