The broken American healthcare system

The broken American healthcare system

I have waited until now, given the election, to voice my healthcare story. With the verdict all but known, it is time to share. (Written at 3:27 PST on Election Day 2016)

My experience with the broken American healthcare system is symbolic of the times we live in.

I spent a lot of time this last year thinking about affordable and quality health coverage. Notice I didn’t say insurance. The insurance system is broken and devoid of anything that helps to create a healthier society. We owe it our nation and humanity to put the health of our citizens at the center of our path forward as a nation. We are united in more ways than we are different. Quality and affordable healthcare is something we all deserve. It is a human right.

And yet, the current state of our healthcare system is atrocious.

Though we consider ourselves a successful society, the overall health of our nation is among the poorest in the world. Our facilities may be expensive and modern, but they aren’t designed to promote our well-being. The overall system is designed to be inflexible, expensive, and bureaucratically wasteful.

I strongly believe that the intention of President Obama was genuine in wanting to redevelop our healthcare system into a more functional and inclusive one. Hillary had her try as well. I think it might have been worth looking at the merits of her theoretical healthcare system.

Unfortunately, the actual execution has left something to be desired on all sides of this reality we currently live in.

We need a paradigm shift in our healthcare system.

It really doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is. If you don’t have access to healthcare, it affects your life.

Check out my healthcare story and follow along to see when and how I’m able to get health insurance. I’m glad to see that there are some sane parts about recent changes in our healthcare system (like not considering preexisting conditions and letting kids stay on their parent’s health insurance), but we need a lot more than a patch job to provide the real system that we all need.




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