Those Darn Squirrels

Those Darn Squirrels

Life throws them at you, testing to see if you will swerve.

Whether you like squirrels, or not, they will get into your path at some point or another.

I have one now in my sights. Standing at attention. Looking at me, looking at her.

She turns her back and another friend shows up on the fence line, above the raspberries now past their season.

The sun filters in from the east. The bird feeder sways in the morning breeze.

It is still early, but I’ve been up for hours. It feels like it should be later.

A chase pursues from the teak deck, through the rhubarb, and past the dried up blueberries.

I have this angst in my heart at the moment and I see that it reflects in my mood;

I see the threat and not the love.

I realize that the two are in pursuit of one another. They scamper up the pear tree.

Nature from my own backyard.

Enjoy your morning,


P.S. Those Darn Squirrels is one of our favorite story books out there.

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