Voting with My Heart Wide Open

Voting with My Heart Wide Open

It’s the eve of perhaps the most historic election to date. I feel flush with embarrassment when thinking of what the world must think of the U.S. and the demise of our broken two party political system.

Despite the appalling politics of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, I am eternally hopeful that this moment in time is in fact the catalyst to our awakening. Our collective consciousness cannot be dampened by bigotry and hatred. Love and peace are the only answers.

I believe that it’s time for a revolution.

I believe our future generations and this precious planet deserve it. They deserve our deepest devotion and faith.

It’s clear from every vantage that humanity deserves better. We deserve a home filled with hope and justice, peace and equality. Depending on your vantage point, this vision could feel serenely beautiful in this very moment or like a dream of an incredible dream.

I pray that we will have the courage to elect the very first woman to serve as President of the United States of America. In spite of Hilary’s past, she is poised to make history and serve with unprecedented poise, positivity and peace. She may have played dirty to survive a lifetime in politics, but Hilary still has the greatest potential gracefully dismantle and rebuild the foundation of our broken political system. I am optimistically curious to she what her leadership will do for the world.

I feel as though we’ve underestimated what she’s capable of, especially as we each choose to wake up with her.

Yet, I didn’t vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I chose to vote for Jill Stein. I chose to vote with my whole heart.

The Green Party’s revolutionary Power to the People Platform. The progressive political platform is nothing short of miraculous, in terms of offering a real vision to right the wrongs that exist in American’s broken political system and fractured society. Their policy proposals are incredibly comprehensive and sensible, while being utterly radical compared to the current two party options.

While my head tells me that the best we can do is cross our fingers for our first female president, my heart pulses with the wisdom that another better way is possible. Not tomorrow, in the future, but today. Now.

While I am not voting for Hillary, I sincerely wish for her to not only win the election, but to choose to lead from her heart. The odds may be in her favor to win, but in order to actually succeed as President, she will have to push past the historical prejudices and vicious cycles to intentionally create the radical changes this country is ready to make. She will have to be bold and courageous.

Personally, I can only imagine being in Hilary or Jills’ shoes. I have actually dreamed of implementing a manifesto of peace and love, For me, Hilary is like the public politician under scrutiny that always made me fear my own inclinations to lead/serve. Jill is the seasoned activist that I admire, and I can only imagine the ovaries that it takes to run a campaign that you’re statistically destined to loose. Both women are breaking down social barriers that my daughters will surely be puzzled to learn existed in their lifetime.

I can hardly wait until women truly lead and show us a better way.


Darcy Rose

PS We just happened to pick up this great children’s historical biography: A Woman for President: The Story of Victoria WoodhullIt’s a really intriguing biography of the first woman to run for president…it reminded me of just how pivotal this time in history and how much everything will shift once a woman is finally leading our country. God willing come the next inauguration day…

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