Why I adore Keens.

I have found Keens to be the most appropriate footwear as a develop worker and traveler to the more off beaten paths of this world. When I think back, I probably could have made use of a pair on just about any of my adventures around the world. I would have loved a pair in Peace Corps at times. I would have paid any price to airdrop a pair on my hike up They are light weight while still being more rugged and sturdy, which you need in many situations.

Keens are like a good friend. Comfortable and always there when you need them; well at least most of the time. Over many of my adventures, Keens have been there for me. Except when I lost one of my “field shoes” in returning to Addis from a trip to Harar*. I was getting out of the truck and suddenly my shoes, which were in a black plastic bag from having gotten dirty in our travels, were nowhere to be found. We searched high and low, and we couldn’t find them. I was disappointed, but had no choice but to let it go.

About nine months later I hear from the Addis field office that my shoes had been found by the driver and they had been found under a bed that kids had unpacked the truck to. It took about a month to get them returned by our favorite “mule” route of transit; from a colleague who took them to Lebanon and then to the states for me.

The picture here is of me after the second worst (in terms of stuckness) time I have been stuck in the mud.My favorite other mud memory was in Australia. On our first day into the Outback, after traveling about 1,000 kilometers, we

got seriously bogged in the mud only about ten miles out of Birdsville. It took us about two hours or more to get ourselves out of thwrose_city_slide_black_3qere. It was a similarly muddy situation, and we arrived at the pub covered from head to toe in mud. Welcome to the Outback.

Reading back on my post what written immediately upon our return, I’m glad I captured the adventure in its entirety, since I would have a hard time recreating the details this many years later. I”m glad that I’m recording this fabulous life of mine.


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