Why I’m an Activist

I simply love Rachel Platten’s Fight Song video. It beautifully shares why I feel called to be an Activist, with a capital A.

I’ve also been feeling reinspired by Marie Forlio’s audio freebie How to Get Anything You Want.

Marie shared a coaching tool for clarifying what you want that’s both simple and powerful. State what you want and then list why. So, that’s what I want to share with you.

I want to be a activist and leader who makes the world an even more beautiful place.

Why am I an Activist?

  • I feel responsible for my children and next generations, and want to protect them from global environmental catastrophes.
  • I want to get to know my neighbors, connect with civic-minded people, and inspire a new generation of activists and leaders.
  • I know that the cultural solutions exist, we just need to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.
  • I believe that Astoria is the perfect community to become a model for sustainable community-based development.
  • I am passionate about creating community, while building a local eco-economy.
  • I want to create cultural solutions to slow climate change and become a resilient society.
  • I want to inspire hope for humanity by standing up for what I care about.

To me, being an activist means doing everything in my power to create a more just and beautiful world. By standing up for what I believe in, I will gradually become an agent of social change. Yes, this will take some time. I’m planning my career, not just a campaign.

I hope you will join me in singing our Fight Song, and rallying together in peaceful protest.

This where it begins. Today. In this moment. Now.

What will you stand up for?

What will your voice share?




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