Women’s World March – #WhyIMarch

Women’s World March – #WhyIMarch

Chills run through me when I consider the movement we have upon us. To see the whole wide world of women marching. Let’s make it bigger than ever. There is a part of me that wants to turn off reality and ignore the politics we face today. Then there is the part that knows I have no option but to show up.


We walked in Newport, Oregon, a small town on the Oregon coast, along with another dedicated 1300 or so other souls that let out a hoot at the pouring rain as our March began. The energy was palpable. It was clear that we may have been a small group, but we were the movement.

We were part of something much, much bigger.

#WhyIMarch – because I am a feminist at my very core. I believe in our power to change our destinies, each and every one of us, and as a nation altogether. We have the power to make it happen. We can get past the chaos and see the light at the end.

We owe it to humanity.

I knew people in cities near and far marching in solidarity. I was proud ever time I realized I knew another person marching somewhere. We were standing together.

We owe it to the world.

My British Ex reached out and reminded me of those people outside in the US who are also standing in solidarity with us. It felt good to know that just one person looking in from abroad understood where so many of us are in this challenging place in time. As he reminded me, in his cute British accent – even on messenger, “It’s easy to sit on the bleachers an take the piss, cause it is easier to look cool than actually stand up an say something.”

We are not alone.

If we want America to be great. We need to show up for this movement. To stop what we are doing. Pay attention. Join together. Do something. Love each other. Talk to each other. Take action.


It is not about going back to another way of life. It is about moving America forward – a place that is accepting of ourselves and the world. That respects women and honors them for all that they do to make the world a better space.

We are in this together.

To be open and understanding to changes in sexuality as norms change within our culture to accept and understand others for who they are, no matter what form that takes.

We are the change we seek.

To push for equal pay and respect. Child care solutions that make sense. Real maternity and paternity leave. Affordable health insurance for all. No gaps are necessary. We can do this. This is not beyond us. If we are so great, let’s show that we can be a great nation.

The time is NOW.

One that shows the way forward instead of living in fear. We may live in a crazy time in #herstory, but I may only hope that this is the beginning of a whole new era that will come of this revolution that is unfurling. Take action.

Let’s make America greater than it has ever been.

Peace and love,


P.S. If you haven’t seen coverage of speeches from the Women’s March, check them out below. I’ve selected the top twelve, and you can forward through to the next if you get board of one.

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