Yippie Chicks @ BlogHer 2016

Yippie Chicks @ BlogHer 2016

Yeah! We couldn’t be more excited than to be arriving to BlogHer 2016. Miel attended in 2014 when her son Clark was only six weeks old, along with our mom to watch Clark between breastfeeding breaks. Having a baby was a hit for happy hours, with women naturally swooning over babies (we already spotted one babe around that age).

This year we are hitting it as the double trouble duo that we are, turning heads everywhere we go.

We are excited about all of the opportunities to grow, learn, and challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones, share fully, and make money to boot. After all, we need something to sustain the incredibly awesome lives we have created.

If you are at BlogHer, please reach out, we would love to connect. If you aren’t, that still holds true. Let us know we have an audience who is eager to join the adventure.

Love & Peace,

Miel + Darcy

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